Bands and Artists

These are all the bands and artists you'll currently hear on Layne Loves Radio. Be sure to show them your support!


Names are linked to Facebook pages by default. If you are listed and would rather link to a different page, please let me know.

24/7 Rotation - Metal and Rock

These bands may also appear in various segments.

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MMR Block - Industrial, Metal, Electronic

These artists are from the Machine Man Records label and are featured on the MMR Block segment.

They may also appear in 24/7 rotation or other segments.

Rhythmical Thursday - Hip-Hop and R&B

These artists are included in the Rhythmical Thursday segment.

They may also appear in other segments.

Mixed Up Monday - Literally Anything

These are artists of various genres that have been included in the Mixed Up Monday segment

but may not appear elsewhere on the station.




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