Layne Loves Radio welcomes song submissions from independent bands and artists, or indie labels! Please read over the agreement and instructions carefully before sending your music.

*Rock and metal bands and artists, including all sub-genres, are welcome to submit your songs for consideration to be added to 24/7 rotation.

*Hip-hop and R&B artists and groups are welcome to submit your songs for consideration to be played during the Rhythmical Thursday segment.

*All other genres are welcome to submit your songs for consideration to be added to special or future segments.

*Layne Loves Radio celebrates the originality of independent bands and artists. Cover songs will not be considered for play on the station.

Before submitting your music, you must agree to the following terms, and include them in your submission email.

1. You must hold copyright ownership or privileges to any songs, music, lyrics, and images submitted to Layne Loves Radio. If any other person(s) holds copyright ownership or privileges to any songs, music, lyrics, or images submitted, you must have their consent.

2. Layne Loves Radio is licensed with several performance rights organizations through Live365 ( Spins are tracked and royalties distributed accordingly. Otherwise, Layne Loves Radio will not pay you directly for playing your songs on the station.

How to submit your music:

1. Make sure your song files have complete and accurate metadata, or include the metadata in the email text. (See more about metadata below.)

2. Most audio file formats are acceptable. However, all song files will have to be converted to .mp3 to be uploaded to the station. Care is taken to convert your song to .mp3 with no or minimal loss of audio quality.

3. Include a square image, at least 500×500 pixels or larger, to be used as a cover art image for the radio player.

4. Copy the text from the agreement above, and paste that text into your submission email to confirm that you agree to the terms.

5. Attach files to the email, or provide download links.

6. Using your official band or artist email address, send your submission email to:

If your songs are accepted for radio play, you will receive an add confirmation reply to your email. You may also receive other correspondence, questions, or requests for additional or different songs.

Metadata should be applied to song files prior to submission. If the metadata is not complete in your files, please include the information in the email text.

Metadata will be applied to the file before it is uploaded to the station. This information is used to keep track of your song, which helps with accurate spin counts and links to media stores where your music can be purchased. These are the fields that need to be included:
– song title
– song artist
– album title (or single)
– album artist
– release year
– genre
– composer (optional)
– producer (optional)

Recording Label
Once the song file has been uploaded to the station database, an additional field for a recording label is available. If you have a recording label, including indie labels, who should be recognized in this field, please include the recording label’s name in your email.

Why no fill-in form for submissions?
Fill-in forms for sites like this one are provided by third-party plug-ins. These third-parties use the plug-in forms to collect your information. Layne Loves Radio would have no control over what the third-party does with the information it collects from you. As such, it feels more comfortable, secure, and personal to use email rather than third-party data collectors.