Parallel Motion, fronted by Dave Juan, continues to grow stronger with each release. “Slave” hits you with aggressive drums and strong vocals, making you take notice. But it’s the lyrics you should pay attention to, especially if you are a musician.

The music industry has its own growing pains, to which most musicians can attest. While these artists often struggle with their own inner demons throughout their creative processes, many of them also endure outside interference. Some people are born with music in their veins, a natural talent that many of us can only admire and envy. It’s a very desirable trait, and a very valuable resource in the business world. Though a lot of us try to help support and uplift these artists, there are some who see them as profitable property. This song is screaming back at the people who exploit, abuse, manipulate, and attempt to control musicians.

And you don’t have to be a musician to have experienced this type of scenario. These words speak for anyone who has felt controlled or constrained in their life, from family, employers, peers, friends, or anyone else. Play this song loud and scream back at them.

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