Matt “Weird Jesus” Mullins is an incredibly kind, interesting, and talented person. His music feels like hanging with a close friend, and if you’re lucky you’ll get a chance to hang with him. Getting to listen to his upcoming album has been a lifesaving blessing for me.

Either these songs will speak for you, or they will make you think about someone you know. Too many of us feel this way, and Matt has found the perfect words to explain it. You can listen to his clear and melodic voice for hours on end, backed by music with just the right amount of energy to open your ears, mind, heart, and soul to take it all in.

Let’s see if i can find the words to describe how some of his songs feel.


Getting deep into the need to rest and find some peace. We have to be our own best friend, give the love and energy to ourselves that we give to others all the time.

“I’ve been falling apart, and breaking my own heart.”

That line, that’s me, that’s where i live.

The music on this track could stand on its own, echoing keystrokes giving realism and weight to the song. As always, the lyrics will hit home, one way or another, with anyone listening.

“Hopeless Sinc(err)ties”

Loving the sound of the vocals on this track, mixed with the more upbeat music. The lyrics still hit deep into the cracks of a broken heart though, shedding some light in places that have gone dark. This song feels like getting up and carrying on, even with the pain still fresh and heavy.

“Another Night”

This song has been in rotation on Layne Loves Radio for a while now. Heavier, and just a little more somber than some of his other tracks, with flowing lyrics that mirror late night thoughts.

“Another thought of how I fear the end of everything I start.”

Direct hit to the feels.


More angry and muddled than the other songs, venting frustration after losing a friend to suicide. If you’ve lost someone that way, you’ll understand every word.


Heavier sound, with lyrics coming from frustration but holding on to hope. Matt gives his melodic voice a rest for a bit and shows off his rapping skills to deliver a more melancholy message. This song is a good sample of how versatile his music can be.

“I’m sick of being happy, sick of being sad. I’m sick of being calm, and I’m sick of being mad.”

“Truly I’m Sorry”

Sometimes the safest place for some of us to be is alone, even if that’s not where we want to be. We want to tell you everything about how we feel, but will you care? We’re hurting, struggling, falling, all while trying to give our energy to everyone around us. This doesn’t work out very well, it’s exhausting, and we need to rest, to lie in the dark and try to recharge.

“And I know I’m not the only one that feels like this pain inside is never gonna heal.”

This song helped me to find understanding with a couple of friends. We all hurt, we need to be open and honest with each other about it.

(Featuring ColJac YSD)

An older version of this song has been on hip-hop segments on Layne Loves Radio for a while. This version is more aggressive, stronger vocals from both Weird Jesus and ColJac YSD. Performing this song live, these guys have the whole room moving and singing with them.

“You can find your happiness again.
I just need a friend, I just need a friend, I just need a friend, I just need a friend, I just need a friend, hey.”

Music and verses come together to form the perfect song to remind you that happiness is right there. This song is a true masterpiece.

In closing…

First, i want to thank you, Matt, for sharing these songs with me. My sincere apologies for taking so long to get this review done. These past few months have been a constant struggle. Your music has helped keep me afloat, even though it took me a while to be able to write about it.

For the rest of you, follow the links below to check out music from Weird Jesus. His voice and music is easy to delve into and listen on repeat for days. (Sin)cerely Yours drops January 1, 2020! This review didn’t cover every song from the album, you’ll have to discover the others when it drops.

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